A downloadable game for Windows

What is the game about?

A rage game where you have to throw a ball up a mountain. If your ball falls down, be ready to jump down after it and get it back up.



  • wasd or arrow keys to move, space to jump
  • left click and mouse position to control ball


Dev controls

  • 1: enable god mode (infinite jump)
  • 2: go to test map (only works in main menu)


Story behind the development

This is a game I made for a game design course I take at Howest Digital arts and entertainment. We had to give the player a certain feeling, the feeling I got was "annoyance". The game is definetely annoying, but is it fun? I'm not really sure, it might be a bit too janky to be fun. It's also my first game made with unreal engine, wahoo!

Install instructions

Double click zip file --> double click SuperSisyphus.exe


SuperSisyphus.zip 148 MB

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