WARNING: Sound is vital to the experience of this game. Please play with your sound enabled (preferably with headphones).

🎮 The Game

Decide your fate and create something beautiful in this series of meaningful choices. 

This game was made for the Indiecade Hidden Heroes game jam. We had to pick our hidden hero and make a game for them. I decided to pick my parents and make a game about my little sister. Loss can be hard, but together we can overcome it. 

I hope I can inspire and touch you with this story.

⌨️ Controls

The game is fully playable using only your mouse.

👤 Credits

Music, art and design by Joran De Pessemier

Special thanks to:
Thomas De Coster
Tijmen Matthys
Gust De Logi

Made for the Indiecade Hidden Heroes game jam.

Extra credits

Updated 27 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsCasual, Indie, Meaningful Choices, Mouse only, Music, storygame, Text based


9_months.zip 88 MB

Install instructions

  • Unzip the folder
  • Open the folder and run 9 months.exe


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Hi jorandp, we really like this project and wondering if you would like to enter it into another jam called Cause Jam: https://itch.io/jam/games-for-loves-cause-jam-ix! More importantly, Cause Jam specializes in curating a package of games to send to children in hospitals. You can learn more about this at https://gamesforlove.org/. Let me know if you are interested!

Hey, the jam looks really cool! I will definetely take a look at it and submit the game. Thank you for checking it out.



it's crazy how such a short and simple game made me burst into tears. the emotions i felt at the end was overwhelming.
brilliant game, simple concept. the music was beautiful.

thank you for the experience!

Thanks for the nice comment, and thank you for playing.

Wow. What a nice experience. At the end of the game, I had chivers down my spine. Congratulations for your game and your game jam! You can be proud of what you've created.
I am the founder of a collective of French translators called Quokka Lokalize. I know it's a small game, but the experience I just lived needs to be shared with more audiences, more people. Would you be okay for a French version of your game ? If you do agree, we would be very glad to give it our best for it!

Hey, thanks for playing the game! I'm all for getting more people to play the game, so a translation would be super cool. I'm only a student though, so I don't really have a big budget for it. 

Thank you very much for your reply!
It's okay, we can find an agreement together!
Are you okay to talk about details via email from now on, or through any other means you prefer?

Here is our email address: quokkalokalize@gmail.com

While I'm looking forward to your answer, I wish you a nice day!

A very personal and touching concept, brought in an original way and executed superbly.

Well done, Joran!

Thank you, Thomas! 

This is clearly a game made for the creator, yet it is structured in such a way that the spectator is allowed a window to peer inwards into the world of someone else. 

It's a charming game with a lasting impact due to the nature of its events, it takes great bravery to take reference from life, even more so if said reference is something most people would rather forget.

If you are going trough the reviews to get a sense of the game then all I can say is that this short experience is best experienced in it's intended format. From start to finish.

As for Joran, great job on the game!

Wow! Thanks for taking the time to write this amazing feedback on the game. I'm glad you liked it.


A really beautiful and personal story game. You had me crying on this one. I can imagine it wasn't easy to make, but it was definitely worth it. Congratz my friend!

Thanks for playing! 

It indeed wasn't always easy to make, especially when working on the ending. It does feel super rewarding though to have it finally out there for people to play.